Dekhockey is a growing sport drawing more attention and an ever increasing amount of interest. With this increase comes a greater need for detailed information. We want teams throughout the country to have a chance to participate at all levels: regional, national, and international.

In order to see this vision become a reality, we realize the necessity to set goals in the areas of: promotion, advancement, administration, and protection.


  • Maintain an active website as a means to provide general information about the sport, leagues, and federation as well as provide an outlet to register new members.
  • Obtain and pursue sponsorships at the national and international levels.
  • Continue to select a new class to the Hall of Fame annually.


  • Create one official organization (to include Dekhockey, Street Hockey, and Ball Hockey in the U.S.A.) which will unify the network of all associations, rinks, and players.
  • Assist and manage the development and growth of the sport at all levels.
  • Develop a program to build and assist with the operation of new facilities (commercial or non-profit, indoor or outdoor).
  • Develop a program which will aid facilities to retrofit and maintain their existing locations with state of the art materials at a reduced cost.
  • Sanction and schedule tournaments, special open events, regionals, and nationals.
  • Represent the USA at all International Competitions:

Masters, Seniors, Juniors, and Youth.

  • Create and offer a referee training and certification program.
  • Create and offer a training program for coaches and managers.
  • Generate and establish purchasing programs for all members to help with the purchase of equipment and services.
  • Create an academic scholarship program to provide financial assistance for students, thereby encouraging them to pursue higher education on the collegiate level.


  • Assist with the registration of players, coaches, teams, and leagues.
  • Promote fair play, sportsmanship, and quality programs for the game, wherever it’s played: from parking lots, gyms, and arenas to official facilities.
  • Print and distribute the Official Rule Book, which will govern all play and equipment for the sport.
  • Hold rules training seminars and conferences.
  • Provide standard guidelines for tournament play.
  • Establish proper rules conversion when teams play ball hockey for international events.
  • Institute an active governing board.
  • Generate active committees as needed. (ie: Rules Committee)
  • Create an advisory board to assist and aid with the development of the sport.
  • Select and authorize Regional Directors to aid, assist, and govern the game, resolve disputes, and represent the Organization at all levels.
  • Appoint General Managers at the Youth, Women’s, Junior, Men, and Masters levels to assist with selecting coaches for and members of the USA teams, as well as oversee national and international events.
  • Create and provide a national registration program for players, leagues, organizations, and rinks.


  • Ensure coaches, players, and facilities are properly represented and protected by providing a national insurance program.

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